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Russia's Podmoskovye project 667BDRM sub undergoes sea trials after upgrade

ARKHANGELSK, October 24. /TASS/. Russia’s special purpose nuclear powered submarine The Podmoskovye is undergoing sea trials after repairs and upgrade, the repair shipyards Zvyozdochka, in Severodvinsk, has told the media.

"The Zvyozdochka repair shipyards [an affiliate of the United Shipbuilding Corporation] has completed the repairs and upgrade of the nuclear-powered submarine The Podmoskovye," the report runs. "On Saturday, the submarine left the shipyards to head for the high seas for a series of trials."

"The crew and the shipyard’s commissioning team will perform a cycle of tests of all systems and mechanisms and routine tasks confirming the submarine’s design parameters," the press-service said.

The Podmoskovye (project 667BDRM) submarine was built at the Sevmash shipyards in 1986. On August 11 last year it left berth to be launched afloat a short while later. The submarine will be handed over to the Russian Navy this year.

According to data available from open sources, the submarine was converted from the missile-carrying submarine K-64 of project 667BDRM into a carrier of nuclear-powered deep-diving submarines. It is known that the missile compartment has been replaced with a facility accommodating mini-sub.