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Russian tech firm to quadruple service life of engine for Tu-95MS strategic bomber

State joint trials of the engine and the Tu-95MSM bomber are ongoing, according to the chief designer

SAMARA, December 23. /TASS/. The service life of the modernized NK-12MPM engine for the Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic bomber will increase four-fold, Chief Designer of UEC-Kuznetsov Company (part of the United Engine Corporation within the state tech corporation Rostec) Pavel Chupin said on Wednesday.

Currently, the state joint trials of the engine and the Tu-95MSM bomber are ongoing, he said. "They are nearing completion. The larger part of the trials has been completed," Chupin said.

Work is currently underway to increase the engine’s service life, the chief designer said.

"Pursuant to the practice accepted for any gas turbine engine, the initial service life is defined following the results of the trials. After that, work continues to extend the engine’s life. We are planning to increase the engine’s service life four-fold compared to current figures," Chupin said.

Pursuant to the existing plans, the NK-12MP engines will be upgraded to the NK-12MPM level during major repairs provided that there is a relevant order placed by Russia’s Defense Ministry, he added.

"From the viewpoint of production, I believe that the enterprise is ready for that," he stressed.

The NK-12MPM engine developed by the Samara-based UEC-Kuznetsov Company is a modification of the NK-12MP, the world’s most powerful serial-produced turboprop (15,000 hp). The new power plant features more powerful propellers created by Aerosila Research and Production Enterprise. The new design solutions incorporated in the engine have helped almost halve its vibration level.

Tu-95MS aircraft are the air component of Russia’s nuclear triad. Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bombers are designated to deliver strikes against vital targets in remote areas and deep in the rear of continental theaters of military operations.