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Nigerian pirates free Russian sailors

The sailors’ families had been notified about the successful liberation

SEVASTOPOL, March 5. /TASS/. The pirates, who in early February attacked in Nigerian waters the BBC Caribbean, freed all eight sailors - seven Russians and one Ukrainian national, Sevastopol's human rights ombudsman Pavel Butsai told TASS on Sunday.

"We have great news: our sailors are in Frankfurt (Germany) already, all are fine, the talks went successfully, all eight crew members, who have been seized, are freed now - seven Russians and one Ukrainian," the ombudsman said. "Germany’s Briese Company had tough negotiations, during which jointly with the Russian embassy they undertook all necessary measures for soonest liberation."

The official said, the sailors’ families had been notified about the successful liberation.

Briese Schiffahrts’ The BBC Caribbean cargo vessel was attacked in Nigeria’s waters on February 5. Seven Russian citizens and one Ukrainian national were sized in the attack. Three people, who remained onboard, managed to run away from the pirates and take the vessel to Spain’s Las Palmas, and later on they returned home, to Russia.