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Lukashenko: Belarus unwilling to engage in Ukraine conflict, but will respond to invasion

If you kill our people, we’ll respond, President added

MINSK, July 3. /TASS/. Minsk is not willing to be dragged into the Ukraine conflict, but will fight in case of an invasion of Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko said on Saturday cited by the BelTA news agency.

"I want to tell those who are worried whether Lukashenko will be fighting there or not. Listen, we will fight - I say it again - only in one case, if you cross that last meter of our land and invade our land," he said at a gala meeting on the eve of Belarus’ Independence Day.

"If you kill our people, we’ll respond," he added.

"Don’t you dare touch my Belarusian people if you still have the sense of self-preservation," Lukashenko stressed.

According to the president, there are still attempts to drag Belarus into the Ukraine conflict.

"The goal is the same, which is to take down both Russia and Belarus in one fell swoop. They are allegedly alarmed, claiming in Ukraine that they would not want Belarusian troops to invade Ukraine across the northern border. Don’t listen to them! They would be glad if we went in there," the president said.