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Latvian Sejm strips lawmaker Adamsons of immunity over suspicion of spying for Russia

A total of 69 lawmakers approved the request, while five voted against and four abstained from the vote

RIGA, June 10. /TASS/. The Sejm [parliament] of Latvia has stripped lawmaker Janis Adamsons (the Harmony opposition social-democratic party, known for the protection of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia) of legal immunity over suspicions of spying for Russia, local media reported Thursday.

The Prosecutor Generals’ Office of Latvia contacted the parliament, requesting permission for the search, apprehension and arrest of Adamsons. A total of 69 lawmakers approved the request, while five voted against and four abstained from the vote.

Speaking at the Sejm meeting, Adamsons said he has no idea what he is being accused of.

"I don’t feel any sins on my shoulder. Whatever the Sejm has decided, I cannot comment on what I don’t know. I don't have the slightest idea of what I am being incriminated for," Adamsons noted.

The lawmaker added that he was certain that the Sejm would support the Prosecutor General’s Office request.

"Let’s see how this circus will end," he noted.

The Adamsons case

According to Maris Kucinskis, Parliamentary National Security Commission chairman, the Adamsons case includes "serious evidence pointing to the credibility of suspicions of espionage in favor of Russia".

The State Security Service (SSS) confirmed that the intelligence agency was undertaking "emergency procedural activities on the suspicions of espionage, initiated Wednesday," without naming the suspect.

According to Latvian media, an SSS document mentions 43 episodes. According to the investigation, Adamsons has been handing over information about the Army budget, procurements and the eastern border to Russia for the past four years.

Adamsons is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention. However, he does not have access to classified information, issued by the counter-intelligence authorities. Between 1994 and 1995, Adamsons served as Prime Minister of Latvia.