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Moldovan Democratic Party does not recognize Sandu’s newly formed government

The Democratic Party believes the Parliament to be dissolved

CHISINAU, June 11. /TASS/. The Democratic Party of Moldova does not recognize the newly formed government led by Maia Sandu and believes the Parliament to be dissolved, Democratic Party Deputy Chairman Vladimir Chebotar said at a briefing on Tuesday.

"The ruling of the Constitutional Court must be implemented. The Parliament is dissolved, while the only government is Pavel Filip’s government, which is a temporary acting one with limited powers," Chebotar said. He also believes that Moldovan President Igor Dodon cannot overturn Filip’s decree dismissing the Parliament, which has already been published and has come into force, according to him. The Democratic Party representative repeated his offer for the Moldovan Socialist Party and the pro-European Acum (Now) bloc to hold talks under these conditions.

Following the elections of February 24, the Moldovan Parliament tried to forge a ruling coalition and appoint the government. Only on June 8, the socialists, who support Dodon, finally came to an agreement with the Acum bloc to stand against the Democratic Party of Moldova, led by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, which controlled the previous convocation of the Parliament and the cabinet. Socialist leader Zinaida Greceanii was elected the Parliament Speaker, while Maia Sandu, one of the Bloc’s leaders became the Prime Minister in the newly formed government.

Immediately after, the Democratic Party appealed to the Constitutional Court requesting a review of the legitimacy of these actions undertaken by the Parliament factions of the Moldovan socialists and the Acum bloc. The Court ruled that these decisions are unconstitutional. The judges noted that the Parliament had failed to establish a government in the time stipulated by law - 90 days (the countdown started on March 9, when MPs received their mandates). Following this ruling, the Constitutional Court temporarily dimissed Dodon from his post of the Moldovan President and Democratic Party member Pavel Filip signed the decree to dismiss the Parliament instead of the President. Dodon viewed this as an attempt to usurp power and overturned Filip’s decree.