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Trump sees Biden willing to stop all aid to Israel soon

Earlier, former US President said that the Democratic Party actually hates Israel

NEW YORK, May 11. /TASS/. Former US President Donald Trump believes that the incumbent US leader, Joe Biden, will soon stop providing Israel with any aid.

"Biden wants to immediately stop all aid to Israel," Trump wrote on his page on Truth Social on Friday. Earlier, he said that the Democratic Party, of which Biden is a member, actually hates Israel.

US President Joe Biden said in an interview with CNN on May 8 that Washington will stop providing some weapons to Israel if its forces enter Rafah. Later on Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained that the US was reviewing some short-term military aid to Israel over the situation around the Gaza city.

On May 5, Axios reported, citing two Israeli officials, that the US administration had put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel for the first time since October 7, 2023.

On May 7, Politico quoted people familiar with the deliberations as saying that the United States was holding shipments of precision bombs to send a political message to Israel.