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Europeans go for broke seeing risk of collapse for Kiev in special op situation — Kremlin

According to Peskov, currently, "the moment is crucial."

MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. The Western countries are intentionally escalating tensions since they realize the risk of a total collapse for Ukraine in the course of the ongoing special military operation of Russia, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The Russian presidential spokesman told VGTRK journalist Pavel Zarubin, who posted this video on his Telegram channel, that the Western politicians’ provocative statements are "a deliberate escalation of tensions."

"The Europeans go for broke, as the see that the situation is rapidly changing, and it is, in fact, fraught with a total collapse for the Ukrainians," Peskov said. "That is why they are exalting this situation themselves."

According to Peskov, currently, "the moment is crucial."

"Of course, it is highly provocative on the part of the Europeans," Peskov concluded.

In recent months, Western politicians have come up with ambiguous statements. For instance, French President Emmanuel Macron is making more and more frequent statements on the potential deployment of Western troops in Ukraine, explaining this with an idea of creating "strategic ambiguity" in relations with Russia. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that London does not object to Kiev’s strikes on Russian territory with British weapons.

Russia has reiterated that the Western countries’ direct involvement in the conflict in Ukraine is fraught with uncontrolled escalation. In response to the West’s aggressive statements, Moscow is starting missile drills to practice the possible use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.