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Russian lawmaker, hockey legend Fetisov hanging onto North Pole hockey match idea

The two-time Olympic champion noted that the match could be held in the summer

MOSCOW, June 6. /TASS/. An ice hockey match at the North Pole could be held either this summer or next spring, Russian lawmaker Vyacheslav Fetisov said on Monday.

"We are still unable to agree on the dates as everything is tight [on the schedule], and we do not want to organize it in a hasty manner," Fetisov told TASS.

"There are several options and we are considering them.This summer, maybe, or next spring. Perhaps, we can make it by the summer time," Fetisov said.

Fetisov, a two-time Olympic champion and three-time NHL Stanley Cup winner, announced plans four years ago to hold an international ice hockey friendly at the North Pole. According to him, the match would most likely be played on a drifting ice floe, some 70-90 kilometers away from the geographical tag of the North Pole.