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Alexei Leonov, first person to walk in space, dead at 85

Alexei Leonov, who made history by becoming the first man to walk in space, died at the age of 85

Alexei Leonov, the first human to conduct a spacewalk, died on October 11 at the age of 85. Leonov carried out two space flights that lasted a total of seven days and 33 minutes. The first one was on March 18-19, 1965. Leonov was a co-pilot of the spacecraft Voskhod-2 (commander Pavel Belyayev). During that space mission Leonov performed the first-ever spacewalk. During his second space voyage on July 15-21, 1975 Leonov was the commander of the crew that participated in the first international docking of the Soviet Union’s Soyuz-19 spacecraft and the United States’ Apollo-18. TASS recalls photos of legendary cosmonaut.