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Voter turnout at Crimea’s elections nears 60%

United Russia winning over 70% of vote

MOSCOW, September 14. /ITAR-TASS/. The voter turnout at the Sunday elections to Crimea’s legislature was 60%, the ruling United Russia is winning more than 70% of votes, head of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov said.

“The turnout is high but what is more important is people’s mood. People are calm, with no brawls, no conflicts,” he said at a videoconference with the United Russia headquarters. “We have surpassed the 50% barrier and are nearing 60% Some (Crimean) regions report a turnout of up to 80%”

Citing exit poll results, Konstantinov said that United Russia “has surpassed the 70% level.” “Along with United Russia, according to exit polls, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) and Communist Party (CPRF) are also winning seats in the State Council,” he said.

Russian Prime Minister and leader of the ruling United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev, who took part in the videoconference, said that the voting results in Crimea proved people’s support to the policy of the Russian president. “I’d be frank, this information is very important for us,” he said. “These are the first elections (in Crimea) after the unification with Russia. It is very important that our party has succeeded in explaining its goals and tasks over such a short period of time and has enrolled such big support. This support rests on the trust people in the republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol feel to the president of the states, to the political course that was finally crowned to historical reunification.”

High voter turnout in Crimea, according to Medvedev, was quite explainable. “This is an explainable situation, when so many people take part in municipal elections - it is a result of the transformations, political changes that have taken place in the life of each Crimean resident,” he said.