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Joint forces advance across almost entire contact line, DPR head Pushilin says

Fighters advance across the entire contact line despite enemy bringing fresh reserves, Acting DPR Governor said

DONETSK, November 2. /TASS/. The joint forces advance across almost the entire contact line in DPR, Acting DPR Governor Denis Pushilin said Wednesday.

"In general, our boys advance across the entire contact line despite our enemy bringing fresh reserves. They are not always prepared, but our enemy is not concerned over casualties, and we must take it into account as well," Pushilin says on a video, published on his Telegram channel.

Pushilin added that the joint forces achieved progress on the Maryinka direction.

"There is certain progress on the Maryinka direction, there are captured positions in Maryinka itself," he noted.

Pushilin explained that liberation on Maryinka will make it possible to push the enemy far enough to stop shelling of Donetsk, in particular. The acting governor also added that progress was made towards Kurdyumovka.

According to Pushilin, fight continues for the settlement of Pavlovka on the Ugledar direction.

"On the Artyomovsk direction, the city of Artyomovks itself is being liberated," Pushilin concluded.