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Xinhai Upgrades Service to Include Mineral Processing EPC+M+O Service

YANTAI, China, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In March 2019, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. ("Xinhai") upgraded its mineral processing "EPC service" to "EPC+M+O service", adding Mine Management and Operation service. Xinhai's "EPC+M+O service" provides clients a complete mineral processing turn-key service to solve the problems involved in mine management and operation.

Service Details

Xinhai's mineral processing EPC+M+O service is a customized service based on the individual plant and its conditions:

  • Design and Research Service: Provides project consultant service, mineral dressing tests, mineral processing flow and equipment selection, processing plant scheme design and production drawing design.
  • Complete Equipment Manufacture, Supporting Materials and Purchasing Service: Provides manufacturing and purchasing of complete mineral processing equipment, mine supporting materials, installation and fixture instruments, machine maintenance workshop, experiment laboratory equipment, modular housing, steel structure workshop, combine type steel structure production line, alter-cyanidation leaching reagent, and flotation reagents.
  • Commission and Delivery: Provides instruction of dressing plant construction and equipment installation, accomplishing equipment commission, training dressing plant workers, providing spare parts and consumables, and equipment maintenance.
  • Mine Management: Management during the construction period depending on the dressing plant requirements, including the construction and management of mining engineering, civil engineering, and tailings pond.
  • Mine Operation: Provides operation contracting and management during production phase.

Genesis of "EPC+M+O" service

Xinhai found that many clients needed services including mining engineering before dressing plant, construction engineering, tailing pond management, and even plant management and operation. Therefore, Xinhai "EPC+M+O" service was proposed to solve the problems.

So far, Xinhai has completed over 2,000 mine design, research and equipment supply projects; over 500 EPC+M+O services around the world; and has exported products to over 90 countries and districts.

EPC+M+O service benefits

Xinhai EPC+M+O service contains every link of modern mine cooperation construction. The essence of EPC+M+O service is to consider each link of a mineral processing project service in a more comprehensive and detailed way.

Xinhai mineral processing EPC service covers the whole life cycle of the mineral processing plant from efficiency, speed, and cost to quality standards, mineral processing index, and economic benefit. It integrates the three periods of mineral processing plant construction, before-middle-after, into a value link leading by request, which practically solves the client's problems in production and starts a new era of value link service in mineral processing industry.