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Nearly 200 apartments totally destroyed in Novaya Kakhovka as result of Ukraine’s strike

One civilian was killed and 15 more were wounded as a result of the attack

GENICHESK, September 15. /TASS/. As many as 180 apartments have been completely destroyed and 240 more have been damaged in Ukraine’s strike on Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson Region, the city’s mayor Vladimir Leontyev said on Friday.

"After an enemy attack on Novaya Kakhovka presumably with the use of an Olkha multiple launch rocket system, 180 apartments have been totally destroyed, 120 half-destroyed and 120 a quarter destroyed," he said, adding that Ukrainian troops used a rocket stuffed with shrapnel.

Ukrainian troops shelled Novaya Kakhovka’s dwelling quarters on Friday morning. One civilian was killed and 15 more were wounded. Four apartment blocks were damaged. According to the city’s administration, no troops have ever been deployed to this residential neighborhood, with only a few markets, a kindergarten and a school being located there.