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Accuracy of strike on Yelenovka shows it was preplanned by Kiev — Russian investigators

It is reported that the operation was preplanned in order to kill witnesses of the crimes committed against the civilian population

MOSCOW, August 5. /TASS/. The accuracy of the missile strike at the Yelenovka detention center is a clear sign the attack had been pre-planned by the Ukrainian military in advance, Russia’s Investigative Committee has told the media.

"The accuracy the missile strike, as well as other circumstances, confirm that it was a preplanned operation by Kiev’s forces in order to kill witnesses of the crimes committed against the civilian population," the news release reads.

The IC also noted that the detention center kept in custody POWs from the Azov battalion (outlawed in Russia), who had already been interrogated and agreed to testify to provide evidence exposing the Ukrainian nationalists’ brutal crimes. "It will form the basis of the charges and subsequently be used as evidence in court," the ministry said.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine had used NATO-supplied long-range artillery weapons, including HIMARS rocket systems for a strike on a pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka. The night-time attack on July 29 hit the building where 193 prisoners were kept. Most of them were members of the Azov detachment (banned in Russia). As a result, one building was damaged, 50 POWs were killed and 73 others injured. Eight staffers of the detention center were injured, too.