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Russia not to legitimize ‘fugitive Belarusian opposition figures’ — diplomat

According to Maria Zakharova, opposition forces do everything to destabilize the situation in the republic and damage its economy

MOSCOW, July 22. /TASS/. Russia has no intention to legitimize members of the Belarusian opposition who fled the country, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced Thursday.

"We have no desire to legitimize fugitive Belarusian opposition figures. The internal processes of Belarus are Belarusian internal processes," she said. "Unfortunately, the Belarusian emigres, including [Svetlana] Tikhanovskaya, propose no constructive unifying agenda on overcoming the crisis in the country. They also ignore the steps made by Minsk toward Constitutional reform, which is important for the state."

According to the diplomat, opposition forces, on the contrary, do everything to destabilize the situation in the republic and damage its economy. 

"Let’s just mention the calls on the Western community to impose sanctions against Belarus. We believe that people who call for sanctions against their own country have no right to a political future," Zakharova said.

"It is obvious that there are forces that have nothing to do with Belarus behind the allegedly independent Belarusian political figures. They completely organize their everyday life, operation, funding, political activity. We should talk here about the forces that recruited figures from among the Belarusian public who are useful for pushing their own agenda," the diplomat underscored.