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Russia aware of US achievements on hypersonic weapons despite no ‘fuss’ about it — Putin

The president compared the situation to the US' anti-satellite weapon tests 10 years ago

MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. Russia knows that the US is somewhat ahead of China in development of hypersonic weapons, although "nobody makes a fuss about it," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the "Russia Calling!" investment forum Tuesday.

He pointed out the successful test of China’s hypersonic weapons.

"And we saw the reaction of our American partners in this regard. But we do know that our American partners are slightly ahead in development of hypersonic weapons after all. They simply don’t talk about it and nobody is making a fuss about it. Just like nobody made a fuss when they tested their anti-satellite weapon 10 years ago, which they have now. When Russia carried out such test just recently - then it was a fuss around the world," the President noted.

He added that Russia considers it important to engage in a dialogue on strategic stability with the US and China.

"We think about ensuring our own security and cooperate with our partners on the directions that we consider important. For example, we consider it important to engage in a dialogue on strategic stability with the United States. We also engage in such dialogue with the People’s Republic of China," Putin said.

The head of state also noted the escalating standoff between the West and China. According to Putin, the establishment of the AUKUS partnership (Australia, the UK and the US) is an example of destabilizing actions of the Western countries.

“The fact remains that this rivalry is mounting, and at times it’s repulsive <…>,” the president stated. “An example is the establishment of the AUKUS pact, which includes the US, the UK and Australia. When one sets up a closed alliance against someone, it does not help to improve the situation in the region, it escalates tensions,” the president underscored.

Putin also stated that Western sanctions against China are unjustified.

“They have been alarming me with China since 2000. Since then, those, who were scaremongering me, got scared themselves and started to change their policy towards China. It has already changed, hence the various sanctions and restrictions, which, in my opinion, are completely unjustified. I mean they contradict the norms of international law,” the head of state said.