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Terrorists plotting attacks in Moscow Region arrested

According to the FSB, the exposed cell was run by overseas-based ringleaders of the Islamic State

MOSCOW, December 12. /TASS/. Members of a terrorist gang detained on suspicion of preparing terror attacks in the Moscow region have been arrested, the Public Information Center of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told TASS on Tuesday.

"Russia’s Federal Security Service has foiled the activity of a deeply clandestine terror group of the Islamic State international terrorist organization, which plotted terror attacks, which included the participation of suicide bombers, in Moscow during the New Year holidays and the Russian presidential elections," the FSB’s Public Information Center said.

"The exposed cell was run by ringleaders of the Islamic State from abroad," the Public Information Center said.

Detectives’ fieldwork against members of the terror group paid off as it led to exposing and obtaining documented proof of their complicity in bankrolling terrorist activity, recruiting new members for the said terror organization and plotting a terror attack.

"A secret apartment has been discovered in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow Region, in which the terrorists synthesized explosives for creating trip-wire devices. The materials that have been obtained have helped detain three members of the criminal group who originate from Central Asian countries," the FSB said.

According to the FSB’s Public Information Center, the security officers seized two improvised explosives, two AK-74 assault rifles, two magazines with 60 5.45mm cartridges, F-1 and RGD grenades with fuses, 2.5 kg of TNT for making explosives, communications means, and also other material evidence of illegal activity. The bomb-making laboratory has been eliminated.

A criminal case is being pursued based on relevant evidence as stipulated by the Russian Criminal Code’s articles 205.1 ("Complicity in terror activity"), 205.4 ("Organizing a terror community") and 205.5 ("Organizing the activity of a terror group and participating in its activity"). The detainees have been taken into custody.