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NATO seeks to continue and expand dialogue with Russia

"It is absolutely necessary that Russia and NATO maintain contacts," a high-ranking NATO official said

BRUSSELS, May 25. /TASS/. NATO believes it is necessary to continue and widen dialogue with Russia, a high-ranking NATO official said, responding to a question by a TASS correspondent in Brussels, where a NATO summit kicked off on Thursday.

"It is absolutely necessary that Russia and NATO maintain contacts. This is an acknowledged fact," the source said. "However, the dialogue must be constructive and substantive. This is the kind of dialogue that is conducted at numerous sessions of the Russia-NATO Council, which we intend to continue," the source added. He viewed as exceptionally constructive the format of briefings on NATO activity that the Alliance holds for Russian representatives, and return briefings where Russian military, for their part, inform NATO on their activity.

"We would like to try to expand cooperation in this sphere and to continue it," the source remarked.