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Iran’s intelligence ministry says Mossad agents in 28 countries exposed

The ministry also gained "data on secret military facilities, weapons factories, and strategic civilian infrastructure" in Israel

DUBAI, February 2. /TASS/. Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has conducted an operation that resulted in the detection of Mossad agents in 28 countries around the world.

"Following the largest multistage intelligence and counterintelligence operation against the spy organizations of the [Israeli] regime of occupation, unique and unprecedented information about them was obtained and immediately put to use," a statement uploaded to the ministry's official website reads. It is claimed that thanks to the obtained information, dozens of agents linked to Mossad had been identified in 28 countries. The ministry also gained "data on secret military facilities, weapons factories, and strategic civilian infrastructure" in Israel.

The statement noted that several spies were detected in Tehran and several provinces of Iran. All of them have either been brought to justice or taken under the control of Iranian special services. The issue of Israeli agents who have Iranian citizenship and reside abroad will be addressed based on the level of cooperation between the Ministry of Intelligence and the corresponding countries' intelligence services. All countries with which Iran has established an exchange of intelligence information have been provided with basic data concerning active agents operating within their territories. The security services of these countries have already taken the necessary measures.

According to the information mentioned in the document, Israeli intelligence services actively use cyberspace, social media, and recruiting websites to gather necessary information about individuals and subsequently engage them in collaboration with Mossad. The Ministry of Intelligence did not specify the countries where Israeli agents had been detected or their exact number. The investigation is still in progress, it explained.

On January 29, four individuals were executed in Iran on charges of espionage for Israel and of creating a terrorist group with the aim of undermining national security. According to the Mehr news agency, they were recruited by Mossad through a high-ranking member of the Komala organization (the Kurdish branch of the Iranian Communist Party, which is listed as a terrorist organization in Iran).