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Biden-Xi Jinping phone talk exposes U.S.-China divide - newspaper

The publication says that the conversation "exposed a deepening divide between the leaders’ positions" on the abovementioned issues

WASHINGTON, March 20. /TASS/. A telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping shows the growing divergence of positions between Washington and Beijing on issues related to events in Ukraine and Taiwan, an article published in the Politico newspaper states.

The publication says that the conversation "exposed a deepening divide between the leaders’ positions" on the abovementioned issues.

According to the article, "Biden’s outreach failed to prod Xi to commit to leveraging Chinese influence" to stop the Russian operation in Ukraine.

"The call instead provoked Xi’s implicit criticism of the alleged U.S. role in fomenting the crisis, perceived U.S. meddling in Taiwan and bitterness toward threatened U.S. sanctions against China if it aids Russia’s war effort," the newspaper wrote.

According to the publication, "that rancor suggests that the two leaders have exhausted any residual goodwill created by their virtual meeting in November and will likely reaffirm the Biden administration’s China policy that hinges on rallying allies to counter its influence in the Indo-Pacific and beyond."

"A Biden administration readout from the call underscored the absence of any substantive progress in moving Xi toward adopting a more proactive and helpful role in addressing the Ukraine crisis," the newspaper concluded.

About conversation

The conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping took place on Friday. According to the US administration, the conversation was informative and mainly focused on the situation around

A number of Western politicians admitted that there is an economic war against Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 said in an early morning televised address that he had launched a special military operation in Ukraine in response to a request for help from the leaders of the Donbass republics. He stressed that Moscow had no intention of occupying Ukrainian territories, the sole purpose of the operation, the leader stressed, is the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. Western countries responded to the actions of the Russian authorities by slapping sanctions against physical and legal entities.

On March 3, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called sanctions "a kind of tax on independency." He expressed confidence that the situation around Ukraine will be settled and "a solution will be found.".