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Lukashenko flies to his Minsk residence in bulletproof vest with submachine gun in hands

The president was met by armed body guards

MINSK, August 23. /TASS/. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday evening arrived by a helicopter at his residence in Minsk when a protest rally was held in the vicinity, as follows from a video posted by a Telegram channel close to Lukashenko’s press service.

The video features Lukashenko, wearing a bulletproof jacket and holding a Kalashnikov gun without a loading case, getting out of the helicopter and walking to his residence. The president was met by armed body guards. He asked them, "There aren’t anybody out there, are there?"

Earlier in the day, protesters came close to Lukashenko’s residence chanting the slogans "Go Away!" They were stopped by riot police and set off back to the center of the city some time later.

At a certain moment, a helicopter was seen flying over the protesters and landing on the residence’s territory.