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Moscow Metro rolls out ‘Science Train’ along subway’s Circle Line

The new train was launched with the support of the British Council, the British Embassy in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MOSCOW, December 7. / TASS /. A new science-themed train in honor of the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education 2017 began running on the Moscow subway’s Circle Line on Thursday.

"This is the third train, which has been launched by the Moscow Metro together with the British Council. The first train is the Shakespearean Passion, which runs along the Ring Line. The second train was launched in London, dubbed "The Heart of Russia" and it is still running in London. This is the third train - "Science of the Future," said Roman Latypov, First Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Strategic Development and Client Work.

Latypov said that he expects that the train will be seen by 2.5 million passengers.

The Science of the Future train consists of five cars, each dedicated to a specific area of science. For example, the ‘Space’ car will enlighten passengers on how being in outer space can alter your taste preferences. The Energy car has information on how many cars will use biofuel by 2020. The ‘Robot’ car will tell passengers how robots help people at work and at home, for example in taking care of the elderly and children. In addition, the ‘Nature’ car discusses environmental issues, and displays new varieties of plants and amazing animals that not only can glow in the dark, but also cure cancer. The last subway car is dedicated to Health and Medicine and sheds light on DNA experiments, stem cell research and how it can increase the duration and quality of life, and robot surgeons that can perform high-precision operations at the molecular level.

"This cooperation between the British and Russians can be traced to the most diverse spheres of scientific and educational life and in 20th, and I hope in the 21st century. This train is evidence that political problems do exist, economic sanctions are in effect, but there is another world, which is just as important for people," said Mikhail Shvydkoy, Special Presidential Envoy for International and Cultural Cooperation, during the ceremony.

A representative of the Ministry of Education and Science, who participated in the solemn ceremony, told TASS that the ministry was considering the possibility of launching a Russian language theme-based train.

The new train was launched with the support of the British Council, the British Embassy in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The new train is a counterpart to the Heart of Russia train in London, the train cars of which are dedicated to ballet, fine arts, architecture, literature, cinema, space and science.