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About 30 million Russian nationals live abroad

Most of them are striving to support close ties with Russia and preserve their identity, the Russian deputy foreign minister said

MOSCOW, October 26. /TASS/. About 30 million Russian nationals are living abroad; most of them strive to preserve close ties to their historical motherland, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said at Thursday’s conference dubbed "The year 1917 in the history and fate of the Russian expatriate community."

"About 30 million Russian compatriots are living abroad because of the cataclysms of the 20th century," Karasin noted. "They are scattered across the world, most of them striving to support close ties with Russia and preserve their identity."

Russia already reached fever pitch in rifts and conflicts during the 20th century. "And now our role is to make a considerable contribution to unification of the entire Russian multi-ethnic population, all Russians, wherever they live," the diplomat stressed.

"The interest our compatriots are showing towards diversified cooperation with Russia is growing everywhere," the deputy foreign minister noted. "At present, we regard cooperation with the Russian expatriate community as partner and, definitely, voluntary. We are open to further cooperation with everyone."

Karasin also highly valued contribution made by Russian compatriots to preservation and development of the Russian language and protection of cultural and civilizational values. "In the current complicated international situation, we feel solidarity from our compatriots who firmly state their intention to support Russia," the diplomat noted. "This becomes an important factor in consolidating the expatriate community."

"We pay special attention to work with young people," Karasin noted. "Several dozens of massive youth meetings were held for the first time this year. It helps strengthen succession and inculcate in young compatriots the feeling of responsibility and ties to their motherland.".