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Aid foundation for people wounded in Volgograd bombings raises RUR 12 mln

VOLGOGRAD, January 13./ITAR-TASS/. For two weeks after two terrorist acts committed in southern Russia’s Volgograd the regional social support foundation has raised around 12 million roubles ($361.3 thousand) so far, executive director of the foundation Denis Zemlyansky told Itar-Tass on Monday. In his words, the monetary funds were donated by 35,000 benefactors, including individuals, labour staffs, commercial and public organisations.

“The aid has come and keeps coming almost from all Russian constituent territories, including big cities and towns, district centres and little settlements. This is Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Kemerovo, Verkhnaya Pyshma in Sverdlovsk Region - all cities cannot be listed,” Zemlyansky said.

He also noted that the relatives of those who were killed in the terrorist acts had already been spent six million roubles ($180.6 thousand) for funeral expenses and church remembrance services, trips of relatives for the funerals from other cities, air tickets for relatives to come to heavily wounded people being treated in Moscow. “A special social passport is being processed for each family of those who were killed or wounded in the terrorist acts. This passport will take into account all needs, which each concrete family has, and charity funds will be distributed between all these families,” he said.

Many Volgograd sanatoria are prepared to take for rehabilitation courses all those who were discharged from hospital after wounding, Zemlyansky said. “The money of donators is also planned to spend for this. A sanatorium in Pyatigorsk reported that they are prepared to provide free rehabilitation and recovery courses for 50 people wounded in the terrorist acts. But to go to Pyatigorsk and back also entails some costs. We also intend to compensate for them,” the executive director said.

The foundation was formed under the patronage of Volgograd regional authorities more than 20 years ago. Its funds can be spent only on a decision by a special working group and the regional branch of the Public Chamber is controlling the allocations.

Right two terrorist acts were staged in the city of Volgograd late in 2013. The first suicide bombing was staged at a railway station in the city on December 29, the second one was committed in a trolleybus on December 30. The terrorist acts claimed 34 people and wounded more than 70.