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Launching of Zhejiang International Media Convergence Campaign

JIAXING, China, July 20. /PRNewswire/ Zhejiang Province launched Zhejiang International Media Convergence Campaign on Tuesday (July 20) in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist of China with a focus on telling the stories of CPC and China to the outside world. The launching ceremony was held in the province's Jiaxing City, whose Nanhu Lake is famous for the Red Boat on board which the first CPC national congress was concluded. About 200 media representatives, foreign guests and key opinion leaders attended the ceremony. More 20 media organizations from Italy, France, Russia, Canada and many other foreign countries sent in their congratulations. The international communication program is jointly launched by the Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Administration, Zhejiang Radio & TV Group, and the Information Office of Jiaxing Municipal Government. The organizers for the program's activities are the Zhejiang International Channel (ZTV-World) and Jiaxing Radio & TV Group.

The program's activities include the Second Global Short Video Contest under the title of "@Beautiful Zhejiang", and a series of documentaries titled "I'm in Zhejiang" in which 100 people tell about their impressions of Zhejiang.

The second "@Beautiful Zhejiang" Global Short Video Contest has started. With the theme of "Beautiful Zhejiang", it consists of two topics, "100 Years of Zhejiang in my eyes " and "The Most Beautiful Foreign Experiencers". The call for original short videos within 5 minutes is now open.

The launching ceremony also witnessed the establishment of an international communication alliance for China's "Important Window", which refers to Zhejiang Province that has been designated to showcase the achievements China has made under the CPC leadership. The alliance's international members now include CBS KCFJ570AM in the USA, IDF1 TV Station in France, SBS TV Station in the Republic of Korea, OTV in Croatia, and the national TV station of the Republic of the Congo. The international channel of Zhejiang TV Station, or ZTV World, has signed a framework agreement with these five members for overseas broadcast of its documentary titled Liangzhu. According to the agreement, the documentary will be broadcast on these five media platforms in their local languages to offer the global audience a view of the splendid Liangzhu Culture.