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Russia won’t tolerate militants’ strikes on Eastern Ghouta forever, warns Putin

It was reported earlier that the second humanitarian pause in Eastern Ghouta was disrupted by the militants

MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. Russia will not indefinitely tolerate strikes by militants from Eastern Ghouta, some of which hit even the premises of its embassy and trade mission, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a news conference following talks with Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Moscow.

"As is known - in any case, we in Russia know this well enough - some shells crash even on the territory of the Russian embassy and trade mission. Are we going to tolerate this indefinitely? Of course, not," Putin said when asked by TASS about the situation in Eastern Ghouta.

He pointed out that in the region there were quite a few extremist forces and members of terrorist organizations that had been included in the corresponding UN lists and the latest resolution by the UN Security Council said that the struggle against these organizations must go on.

"Bombardments from there continue unabated. On some days missile and mortar strikes reach 50-60," Putin said.

He recalled that in his latest conversations with Germany’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron it was agreed to open a humanitarian corridor to let children, injured and all those in need of assistance leave the conflict zone.