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Kremlin suspects Trump played 'Russia threat' card to make NATO allies cough up 'dues'

The Kremlin comments on US President Donald Trump’s statements that Russia is a threat to NATO

MOSCOW, May 26. /TASS/. The Kremlin regards US President Donald Trump’s remarks alleging that Russia is an apparent threat to NATO as part of Washington’s internal political struggle and also as a hint to the allies to increase their contributions to the alliance’s budget, Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov told the media on Friday.

"As far as references to Russia as a threat that Trump made are concerned, they probably could be regarded as an attempt to persuade the allies to stick to their obligations to contribute appropriate sums to NATO’s budget," Ushakov explained.

He stated that NATO’s activity certainly aroused Russia’s concern and "there is nothing good about it (that activity)."

"But we regard this statement by Trump in the context of what is unfolding in Washington and the United States in general over the so-called Russian dossier," he concluded.

The senior official recalled that during his tour of the Middle East and Europe "Trump made quite a few high-profile statements," including "harsh remarks in relation to the North Atlantic allies."

"The way I see it, these statements have taken priority attention," Ushakov said.

"As for the political tensions over the so-called RussiaGate in Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin chose very good words to describe them last week, I believe. The habits and ways of the political elite in Washington these days certainly arouse frustration, regret and surprise," he remarked.