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Putin plays extraordinary role in world — Kremlin spokesman about Time nomination

Dmitry Peskov added that the nomination did not matter much to the Russian president himself

MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. The role of Russian President Vladimir Putin in world affairs is extraordinary and difficult to overestimate, the Russian leader's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media, while commenting on the decision of the US magazine Time to nominate Putin for Person of the Year.

"We'll see. In any case, Putin's role in our country and in the world is hard to overestimate. Unequivocally," Peskov said. "Of course, Putin plays an extraordinary role in the world."

He added that the nomination did not matter much to the president himself.

On Monday, Time published a shortlist of nine candidates. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Other nominees include King Charles III, of Britain, Barbie doll from the same-name movie, US singer Taylor Swift, China’s President Xi Jinping, CHatGPT developer Sam Altman, and Hollywood screenwriters and actors.

Time magazine has chosen the Person of the Year since 1927. In 2022, the title went to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and the Spirit of Ukraine and in 2021, to big business tycoon Elon Musk.