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Military-industrial complex top manager imprisoned for massive fraud scheme

A Moscow court has sentenced a department boss from Oboronservis to six years in prison and a $15,516 for embezzling over $3.965 million from the Defense Ministry

MOSCOW, December 25. /TASS/. A Moscow court has sentenced a department boss from Oboronservis, a company affiliated to the Russian Defense Ministry, to six years in prison and a 900,000-ruble fine ($15,516) for embezzling over 230 million rubles ($3.965 million) from the Defense Ministry, the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday.

According to reports, Moscow’s Savelovsky District Court has wrapped up a criminal trial probing a financial scam with Defense Ministry’s funds earmarked for setting up a combat training center. Legal proceedings were initiated following checks by the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office. It said the head of an Oborobservis department, Yevgeny K., "was sentence for large-scale fraud."

The investigation and the court established that in 2012-2014, the suspect signed several bogus contracts between a foreign company (co-contractor) and a commercial organization under his control. Later, he cashed out and embezzled more than 231.2 million rubles ($3.9 mln) transferred to the account of that commercial organization.

Yevgeny K. was sentenced to six years in a general penal colony with a one-year custodial restraint, and fined 900,000 rubles in addition to being stripped of the right to manage any commercial organizations for three years.