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Hungary supports Chinese peace plan on Ukraine — Orban

Hungary urges for an immediate ceasefire and peace talks, the prime minister said

BUDAPEST, May 9. /TASS/. Hungary supports any international initiatives aimed at putting an end to the conflict in Ukraine, including the peace plan proposed by China in February 2023, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters after his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Budapest.

"We urge for an immediate ceasefire and peace talks. We support all international efforts aimed at attaining such goals. Accordingly, we support China’s peace initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping," he said.

Orban pointed out that never in recent decades has the world faced such a serious military threat, "even the danger of a new world war."

"Debates are underway whether the war will go on or whether we will have peace," the prime minister said, adding that Hungary was the only member of the European Union that calls for peace in Ukraine.

"We, the Hungarians, are convinced that this conflict cannot be resolved on the battlefield. The battlefield only leads to casualties and destruction. We are convinced that a solution can only be found at the table of peace negotiations and a ceasefire is needed to launch them," Orban concluded.