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Russian army starts active use of motorcycles to seize Ukrainian positions

These bikes helped five Russian servicemen take control of a Ukrainian strongpoint

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. The battlegroup East has started to use cross-country motorcycles to capture Ukrainian strongpoints, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Assault units from the battlegroup effectively use off-road bikes to seize Ukrainian positions near Ugledar, according to the ministry.

"The motorcycle is already almost standard equipment there. Such a small and extremely maneuverable target, unlike heavy equipment, is very hard to hit. The fighters roll into Ukrainian trenches at speed and immediately engage in combat, while our drone operators guide them from the air," the ministry said.

For example, these bikes helped five Russian servicemen take control of a Ukrainian strongpoint.

"We had no losses when we started moving. The enemy had a group of 7 to 10 people. The strongpoints were for firing. But because we did everything suddenly, they were taken aback, and we captured two of them immediately, while the rest ran away," the commander of an assault platoon said.

Assault groups have also taken to rehearsing future attacks at precise copies of Ukrainian strongpoints, which are built in Russian rear areas.

"According to assault storm troopers, when going into the trenches now, they know exactly where the enemy is, with its machine guns and fox holes," the ministry said.

The assault platoon commander said troops collaborate with drones to plot their route, with kamikaze drones, and artillery and mortar units.