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Hornet, Dragonfly drones debut at Saudi show

Hornet carries a 5-kg payload while Dragonfly - 20 kg

RIYADH, February 6. /TASS/. Russia is for the first time demonstrating abroad Hornet and Dragonfly quadcopters adapted to ten types of munitions engaged in Ukraine operation at the World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia, the Academy BAS designer company told TASS.

"Hornet and Dragonfly are for the first time displayed abroad. They are successfully engaged in the special operation to release various munitions, as well as remotely mine trails and the routes of columns and armor. It is important that the platforms are adapted for a broad range of munitions. Ten types of munitions have been mastered so far. There is a module and a release system for each of them. We have spent a lot of time to adapt the payload so that it is convenient for the military," it said.

The drones are adapted to drop 82mm mines, RKG-3 grenades, and for remote mining of territory.

Hornet carries a 5-kg payload while Dragonfly - 20 kg. The engagement range is 10 km. The platforms are resistant to electronic warfare.