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Russian protective service uses unique domestic innovations, says official

According to Deputy Director of the FSO Lieutenant General Viktor Shlemin, the service's resources are sufficient to complete its assigned tasks in full

MOSCOW, September 16. / TASS /. Russia’s Federal Protective Service (FSO), which is responsible for safeguarding high-ranking state officials, applies unique domestic technical developments, Secretary of State and Deputy Director of the FSO Lieutenant General Viktor Shlemin told TASS on Thursday, noting that the service had all the necessary resources to undertake its tasks.

"Currently, we have a considerably high level of technical equipment. The weapons, special means, equipment, communications and transport are constantly renewed," Shlemin said.

"We actively engage with Russian manufacturers that show a very positive trend in line with our practical experience regarding the application of technology and based on our wishes," the FSO’s deputy director noted. According to Shlemin, "the FSO applies domestic developments, which often have no equivalents in the world." "Therefore, our resources are sufficient to complete our assigned tasks in full," the official mentioned.

Meanwhile, he refused to reveal even the approximate number of FSO employees, explaining that access to this data was restricted, according to Russian law.