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Shoigu speaks about Russian army’s breakthrough at educational marathon New Knowledge

Defense Minister said that 86% of the country’s nuclear forces matched the latest requirements

MOSCOW, May 21. /TASS/. The Russian armed forces made a considerable breakthrough in their development lately to get ahead of the strongest armies of the world in many respects, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said in a lecture at the educational marathon New Knowledge on Friday.

He recalled that Russia’s supreme commander-in-chief, President Vladimir Putin, had promised to do his utmost to keep the army abreast of the times.

"A tremendous breakthrough has been made. In historical terms it began not very long ago, when the awareness was developed that cardinal measures must be taken and a large-scale program for reforming the army was launched," he said.

Shoigu stressed that 86% of the country’s nuclear forces matched the latest requirements.

"No other army in the world has such a level. This is a very high parameters," Shoigu said, adding that in all other arms and services and in the armed forces in general the modernization rate was above 70% and kept rising.

Shoigu stressed that the army’s strength largely relied on the national defense industry, which was moving along a reliable track. Planned approach is another major factor, he said. The funds allocated for the state defense order are under strict control.

The defense minister recalled that Russia’s National Defense Command Center was built in just 333 days. At the moment it is one of the most advanced command centers. A group of 2,500 programmers worked on the center’s software. Shoigu said it allowed for effectively managing the army’s combat and routine activities. He believes that this experience should be spread to Russia’s individual regions.

"Our army today is well-trained and well equipped. It is one of the best armies in the world," he concluded.