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Incumbent Premier wins Donetsk People's Republic head elections — DPR CEC final results

Alexander Zakharchenko gets more than 50% of the vote
Alexander Zakharchenko ЕРА/ ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO
Alexander Zakharchenko

DONETSK, November 3. /TASS/. Incumbent Prime Minister of the Ukrainian self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko has been elected its head, the DPR Central Election Commission (CEC) told TASS on Monday, citing the final results of the elections.

"Alexander Zakharchenko has won the DPR head elections, he got 765,340 votes, candidate Kofman got 111,024 votes and candidate Sivokonenko — 93,280 votes. Thus, DPR Central Election Commission recognizes Alexander Zakharchenko as the elected head of the DPR republic," CEC head Roman Lyagin said at a news conference.

DPR local self-government bodies’ elections

The elections to the local self-government bodies of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in the south-east of Ukraine will be held “after the formation of the central power bodies” in the DPR, head of the republic’s Central Election Commission (CEC) Roman Lyagin told reporters.

“After the elections of the DPR head and parliament the CEC will continue its work. We will be engaged in the election observation in other countries and will also work out our law on elections to the local self-government bodies,” Lyagin said.

He also urged Kiev to accept the results of the elections in the self-proclaimed republic. “Kiev should put up with the fact that Donbas is no longer part of Ukraine, recognises it our elections or not - it’s Kiev’s problem. We have made our choice,” said the CEC head.