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Russian PM believes Russia should think about hosting World Winter Student Games

About 20,000 aides worked in over 40 directions

KAZAN, July 17 (Itar-Tass) - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that Russia should seriously think about the prospect of hosting World Winter University Games.

"Kazan’s experience somehow attunes us to the fact that Winter University Games could also be held in Russia. We are going to ponder that issue now. We will make an appropriate decision if we succeed,” Medvedev said at a meeting with the Russian national squad at the Kazan World Student Games village on Wednesday.

In his address to the athletes Medvedev said, “Well done! Our team’s performance was brilliant! The result is fantastic. Almost 300 medals won!”

"What has been done make it possible to draw certain conclusions,” the prime minister went on to say. Medvedev said that the University Games had become a personal triumph for the Russian athletes who had demonstrated their best qualities. Medvedev thanked the athletes on behalf of all Russian fans, recalling that other sport competitions, including the Olympic Games, were lying ahead.

“We have learnt to organize such events very well,” the prime minister emphasized, noting that it was the second positive conclusion drawn from the Kazan World Summer Student Games,’” Medvedev said.

He also praised the impeccable work of volunteers at the World Summer University Games in Kazan. He added that they had set a good example for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

About 20,000 aides worked in over 40 directions.

"Thank you very much. You did a good job. This is a very good example for the Sochi Olympic Games. I hope we are going to see you there because we will need your work. As for Kazan, you have been impeccable. Thank you very much,” Medvedev told the volunteers during his visit to the University Games Village on Wednesday.

The prime minister also said that everybody had become convinced that Kazan had organized the best Universiade in the history of World Students Games

Another Russian city, Krasnoyarsk, has applied for the right to host the 2019 World Winter University Games. Its main rival is the ton of St.Gallen in Switzerland. The International University Sports Federation (FISU) will stage the final vote on the venue for the 29th World Winter Student Games in November this year.

Alexander Zhukovm, the president of the Russian Olympic Committee, has sent a letter to FISU, nominating Krasnoyarsk as a candidate for the 2019 World Winter Student Games. He believes that Kazan’s success in organizing and hosting the 27th World Summer Student Games will raise Krasnoyarsk’s chances to win the right to host the event in the winter of 2019.