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Assad says sure Russia will win conflict in Ukraine, re-unite brotherly peoples

Russia, in his words, is "correcting what others have done"

MOSCOW, April 21. /TASS/. /TASS/. Syrian President Bashar Assad has expressed confidence that Russia will come out victorious from the conflict in Ukraine and will re-unite the brotherly peoples.

"Everybody knows that Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainian are kin to each other in terms of history, language, and culture and that mostly ethnic Russians live in eastern Ukraine. But the Ukrainian Nazi have a concrete goal," he said in an interview with Russia’s TV Channel One. "I am convinced that the confrontation will end in Russia’s victory and it will re-unite the brotherly nations."

Russia, in his words, is "correcting what others have done." Russia’s special military operation is meant to correct the course of history, "not to change or rewrite, but too correct it," he stressed.

"As a mighty power, Russia is resisting the West’s interference into the domestic affairs of other countries. It doesn’t matter for me where Russia is fighting global terrorism, either in Syria or in Ukraine - the foe is the same. Russia is making efforts to strengthen global stability both in the political and military aspect and it is doing this because it suffered itself," he explained.