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Iranian ambassador says Iran, Belarus should join forces in SCO to oppose Europe, US

According to Said Yari, "relations between Tehran and Minsk are at the peak of development today"

MINSK, December 5. /TASS/. Tehran supports the accession of Belarus to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Saeed Yari, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Belarus, said on Sunday.

"The SCO is a very important economic, political and security player in our region," he said on the local television channel, ONT. "We know that Belarus has begun the procedure for joining this organization, and we, of course, support this. We are friendly countries and should use these opportunities to confront Europe and America."

He said such countries as India, Iran, China, Pakistan and Russia "can confront the collective West in all areas."

The diplomat said "relations between Tehran and Minsk are at the peak of their development today." He said Iran and Belarus "must support each other and fight together against unfair sanctions.".