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Extremists preparing attacks in Belarus were in contact with US intelligence — Lukashenko

Belarusian president pointed out that various non-profits and NGOs had been shut down in the country recently

MINSK, October 1. /TASS/. The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) has revealed there were direct contacts between US intelligence agencies — mainly, the FBI — with Belarusian terrorist cells that planned terror attacks in the republic, President Alexander Lukashenko stated Friday, according to BelTA.

He pointed out that various non-profits and NGOs had been shut down in the country recently.

"Probably, they have not been eradicated completely. There are various ‘media,’ you know them. Now we have the ‘Worker’s Movement’," Lukashenko said during the meeting with the administration.

According to the president, when intelligence agencies started working "on this scum," they "saw what kind of Movement it is."

"Regular terrorists; they are confessing now, telling where they planned to carry out terror attacks. It is most concerning that they have pointed their main focus at the railways," the president said. "They understand that Belarus is a transit country. The KGB reported recently: it has discovered direct contacts with US intelligence agencies, mainly the FBI."

On Wednesday, KGB Investigative Directorate deputy head Konstantin Bychek reported that the agency had shut down the Worker’s Movement ("Rabochiy Rukh") extremist network. Criminal cases have been initiated against the apprehended network members, the official said.

Earlier, Belarusian media reported the detention of over ten representatives of various Belarusian enterprises. According to the reports, they are suspected of gathering information to hand it over to foreign states.