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Oliver Stone: Russia and US could be ‘great partners’

The director said he "liked peace" and would love to see the world in harmony

NEW YORK, June 12. /TASS/. Hollywood director Oliver Stone has told The Los Angeles Times he believes that Russia and the United States may become great partners.

Stone has filmed a series of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin, shooting a four-episode documentary, which is expected to premiere in the United States on June 12-15. So far, a few preview clips have been released.

"Hell, I like peace. I'd like to see the world in harmony. I think the US and Russia could be great partners," Stone said.

"Why has it deteriorated to this point?"

Stone commented on the words of Marlow Stern, an editor and writer for the Daily Beast, who suggested last week that the filmmaker liked "cozying up to dictators."

"I just love dictators. I really do," Stone said with a sarcastic laugh.