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Kremlin sees no threats to credibility of vote on Constitution

According to the spokesman, one-time mistakes should not be associated with the general background

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Kremlin does not think there are threats to the credibility of the outcome of the nationwide vote on constitutional amendments.

"We see no threats to the credibility of the outcome of the vote that will end on July 1," Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists Tuesday, answering a question on whether the monitoring of the vote faced complications because of its span over several days.

He also noted that the observers are working, and the Kremlin sees no problem with their activity either. "Some one-time problems can occur, they cannot be avoided in such a huge country, but in general it does not affect the overall process of vote and observation," Peskov underscored.

According to Peskov, "one-time mistakes cannot be associated with the general background, and must not be associated with it."

"All final assessments should be provided after the vote is over, I am certain that all aspects will be taken into account," the spokesman said, answering a question whether the decision to stretch the vote over several days, subjecting the electoral commissions and the observers to heavy loads, was a good one.

Peskov also claimed that the amendments come in a single package, because a relevant initiative has been approved. Answering a question why the amendments were not voted upon separately, the spokesman said that "the decision on the single vote was made, because there was such an initiative, and it was this mode that has been approved."

Commenting on a poll indicating that some Russians support the social amendments to the Constitution but do not favor the re-election option for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Peskov noted that "there are different polls; this is just one of them."

"There are wildly different indicators, sociology is a science," he said. "We treat it just like a huge number of other studies that have been performed on this topic," the spokesman said.