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Russian engineer sends Elon Musk design for crypto protection of Tesla

The system developed by the Krasnodar engineers is faster, more compact and secure, says engineer

KRASNODAR, November 5. /TASS/. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Inform-Systems group Alexey Ignatiev served up a proposition to SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to introduce an operating system with crypto-protection for electric vehicles, a Russian engineer told TASS on Tuesday. During a direct teleconference with Musk in Krasnodar on October 18 on the sidelines of the Case for Small business forum, the organizers asked the Tesla CEO whether he was ready to consider the Krasnodar engineer’s project, and Musk agreed.

"We have prepared a package proposal, a cover letter, a presentation outlining the essence of the project, and a technical description. Materials demonstrating 11 advantages of this project over the classic Linux distribution have been sent to Tesla Motors and SpaceX headquarters, [that is] to Elon Musk," said Ignatiev. He pointed out that one of the drawbacks of the current operating system built into Tesla electric cars is the likelihood of it being hacked, which is why the company suffers significant losses.

"Just one accident with a Tesla is enough to spark an immediate uproar across all news agencies in merely a second. In one case, an individual hacked the system on his Tesla, disabled the locking function every few minutes while holding the steering wheel during autopilot mode confirming that the driver is in the seat and in control of the vehicle, fell asleep, had an accident and, unfortunately, was killed. The next day it was all over the news that "Tesla killed a man."

The investigation found out the real reasons within a couple weeks, and Tesla's shares dropped in the blink of an eye. That is why we believe our technology is important for such tech giants, there is less risk of such accidents," said the engineer. Ignatiev noted earlier that Tesla used the classic Linux as its main operating system. The system developed by the Krasnodar engineers is faster, more compact and secure, and it uses crypto-protection technology, based on the Linux kernel, and Ignatiev tested whether it could be installed on his own Tesla electric car. "We use the operating system that we have offered to Elon Musk to create Smart City self-service devices," the source said.