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Scientist: Russia's fast reactor technology to help create future nuclear power industry

The CEO of the Obninsk-based Institute of Physics and Power Engineering recalled that the reactors are ecologically safe

OBNINSK /Kaluga Region/, October 8. /TASS/. Russia’s fast reactors that use liquid metal as the coolant will allow for creating a safe and economically efficient nuclear power industry of the future, the CEO of the Obninsk-based Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE, an affiliate of Rostec) Andrei Goverdovsky has told TASS.

"The use of heavy liquid metal coolants is a subject matter of intensive research around the world. Our country has accumulated unique experience of using such heat transfer agents. Russia’s HLMC fast reactors will serve as the basis for an effective and ecologically safe nuclear power industry," Goverdovsky said on the sidelines of the 5th international conference Heavy Liquid Metal Coolants in Nuclear Engineering-2018.

The conference being held in Obninsk on October 8-10 has brought together 27 foreign scientists from Poland, China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, the Republic of Korea, Austria, Belgium and hundreds of specialists from Russian organizations.

"The HLMC theme is extremely interesting in various aspects: firstly it is wonderful from the point of view of physics, secondly, it involves a great deal of mathematics, thirdly, it lies at the junction of physics and chemistry and lastly it provides a vast field for modelling and engineering. This branch of research has a long history. It has earned renown for the IPPE, the Russian Navy and the country in general," Goverdovsky said.

It is a fifth HLMC conference, called once in five years. This year it is timed for the 60th anniversary of the world’s first-ever lead-bismuth cooled reactor launched at the IPPE.