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Russia-Azerbaijan ties serve as model for other states — Azerbaijan’s senior MP

According to Samad Seyidov, Azerbaijani-Russian relations are based on mutual respect and interests of both states and comply with international rules and standards of behavior, which is what the international community lacks these days

MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. Russia and Azerbaijan are closely linked with each other while preserving their independence, thus serving as a model for other states, Samad Seyidov, chairman of the Azerbaijani Milli Majlis (Parliament) International and Interparliamentary Relations Committee, told TASS.

"Let Azerbaijani-Russian relations be an example, because today Russia and Azerbaijan, having a treaty of alliance, show an example of independent development. It is an amazing thing - today Azerbaijan and Russia are very closely interconnected, being independent," he said.

According to Seyidov, Moscow and Baku "have managed to create a new geopolitical system of relations in the region." "These are relations based on mutual respect, these are relations based on the interests of both states, relations that comply with international rules and standards of behavior, which is what the international community lacks today. Therefore, today Azerbaijani-Russian relations can be cited as a model for other states of how to establish relations between states, especially in our region," the senior parliamentarian stressed.

Seyidov noted that no attempts to drive a wedge between the countries will succeed. Russia and Azerbaijan value their shared history. They don’t reject the past, but draw valuable insights from it for further development of relations. "We have also broken the mould artificially created by certain circles that it is dangerous to be friends with Russia, while Azerbaijan cannot be trusted. Russia now trusts Azerbaijan at a very high level, Azerbaijan also trusts Russia at a very high level, Azerbaijan is a friend of Russia at a very high level. This friendship and this trust bring a very concrete and practical result to both Russia and Azerbaijan," he added.

The head of the parliamentary committee noted that thousands of examples on the political, cultural and economic track serve as proof of this. Baku, he emphasized, retains a special attitude to Russian culture, language and common values, without forgetting its own national interests.