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1993 Russian coup in photos

20 years ago on this day Russia's constitutional crisis escalated to an armed coup

October 3, 1993, Congress of People's Deputies of Russia was disbanded as a result of the constitutional crisis which began in 1992. The internal conflict escalated in a military confrontation between two political forces: President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin and a group of deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation.

The president’s order on the gradual constitutional reform of the Russian Federation sparked the reason for the coup – in essence, it rendered the Supreme Soviet useless. Supporters for the redundant governmental body tried to take over the City Hall and Ostankino television center, the main broadcasting facility in the country. The following day, October 4, Boris Yeltsin issued the order to storm the White House, which was eventually shelled by tanks.

157 died and 384 injured in this event. The majority were civilians.

Boris Yeltsin’s side won that day, which meant that the Soviet power, which ruled the country since 1917, was irrevocably abolished. According to the new constitution, adopted in December of 1993, Russia became a republic with two houses of parliament and a strong presidential institute.