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Russian Communist leader blasts Sobchak’s ‘farcical’ presidential bid as ‘cheap show’

Gennady Zyuganov recalled that Sobchak once described Russia as a "country of genetic outcasts"

MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has lambasted Ksenia Sobchak’s candidacy in the presidential race stating that it will turn the election campaign into a mockery.

Speaking at a TASS news conference, Zyuganov recalled that Sobchak once described Russia as a "country of genetic outcasts." He believes that in any other place in the world anyone who dared to make such a comment about one’s native country "would have lost any right whatsoever to seek any nomination for any official position."

Zyuganov believes that Sobchak’s nomination is capable of "turning the forthcoming election into a tragic farce."

"Some spin doctors, though it would be more correct to call them political waste managers, must have made a decision to boost turnout in this way. It won’t work. Anyone in his right mind familiar with the real picture will say: ‘Come one, are you inviting me to participate in this cheap show?..’ Don’t you turn the election into mockery," he said.

Asked about the Communist Party’s participation in the presidential campaign the Communist leader said once again that a decision would follow in December, after the Federation Council called an election.

"We believe that a presidential election will put to test the strength and capabilities of different political forces… For the campaign to be a full-fledged one there has to be elementary competition between teams and programs," Zyuganov highlighted.

Sobchak threw her hat into the ring to run for president on October 18. She said she positioned her candidacy as an anti-establishment "against all bid" and called on all political forces to take on the current authorities. Russia’s presidential election is set for March 2018.