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Kremlin disagrees with Trump's claims Iran is 'terrorist state number one'

The Kremlin spokesman has noted Russia and US may have different stances on some international issues
MOSCOW, February 6. /TASS/. The Kremlin does not regard Iran as a terrorist state and it is going to build up relations with that country, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media.
"We disagree with this postulate," Peskov said in response to US President Donald Trump’s statement Iran is "terrorist state number one".

"You all know that Russia has good relations of partnership with Iran and we cooperate with that country on a number of issues. We appreciate our relations in the trading and economic sphere and we hope for their further development," he stated. 

Peskov believes the points of contention in the stances assumed by Moscow and Washington (including the Iran issue) should not hamper work to develop relations between the two countries. 

"It is no secret that the positions of Moscow and Washington on a number of global and regional issues are diametrically opposite," he said when asked whether differences in the two countries’ approaches towards Iran could hinder normalization of relations between Russia and the US. However, this cannot be and should not be a stumbling block for building communication and pragmatic mutually beneficial relations between Russia and the US." 

Earlier, Trump told Fox News in an interview Iran had no respect for Iran.

"It’s terrorist state number one. They are sending money all over the place and weapons," Trump claimed.

Earlier, the Kremlin’s press-service that in their telephone conversation on January 28 the Russian and US presidents had a detailed discussion on topical international issues, including the Iranian nuclear program. They agreed to establish partnership and cooperation along all lines.