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Putin content with his instructions’ fulfillment on developing Army and defense industry

The president noted that about 70% of the orders have been implemented

SOCHI, December 2. /TASS/. The level of fulfilling presidential instructions on developing Russia’s Armed Forces and its defense industry is satisfactory and about 70% of them have been implemented, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while opening a series of government meetings on defense on Monday.

"Following the results of previous meetings in this format, several hundred instructions were given. In my view, it is not their number that matters but what is important is how they are being implemented. Generally, they are being fulfilled satisfactorily. Seventy percent of them have been fulfilled while all the rest are at various stages of their implementation," the Russian leader stressed.

This indicates that such meetings on defense held every six months in Sochi are necessary and effective, Putin claimed.

"We with you know that if something is not done, some will have to answer in six months’ time why this has not been done and what has to be done to remedy the situation," the Russian president stated.

The current series of government meetings on defense will discuss the Navy’s development, Putin informed.

Today the latest warships are entering service with the Russian Navy, he noted.

"Such effective armament can radically change the situation in theaters of military operations and neutralize any aggressive actions against Russia," Putin underscored.