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Kremlin comments on Georgian singer’s refusal to perform in Russia

Russia will not give attention to Russophobic statements, the Kremlin's spokesman stated

MOSCOW, July 1. /TASS/. The Kremlin is ready to explain political aspects of relations between Moscow and Tbilisi following famous Georgian jazz singer Nino Katamadze's decision to stop performing in Russia, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday.

"She [Katamadze] is very talented, but probably, there is a lot she does not know in terms of politics," Peskov said. "If she has questions, we are always ready to give her the explanations."

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that Russia loves Georgians and treats them with great respect, including the country’s cultural figures. "This is a very talented nation, we highly appreciate Georgian culture representatives and will continue valuing them," Peskov said.

"Russia is not ready to give attention to the actions of ultras, extremists and nationalists, especially if these target our legislators. We can neither positively view Russophobic statements of the Georgian leadership. We believe that such steps do not contribute to approaching the path of normalizing bilateral ties," he noted.

Earlier, the internationally acclaimed Georgian singer, Nino Katamadze, backed protesters in Tbilisi, who have been gathering outside the Georgian parliament since June 20, and stated that she would never give concerts in Russia. The singer wrote this on her Facebook page after she performed at Moscow’s jazz festival and came under criticism in Georgia. "I said it at that concert and I want to tell you too that this was my last performance in Russia!" the singer wrote.